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  • How to Bypass Pull Chain on Ceiling Fan

    How to Bypass Pull Chain on Ceiling Fan

    There are a couple of ways to fix a ceiling fan that’s jammed, but the most straightforward way is to replace the switch. First, turn off the circuit breaker’s power, then remove the outer housing and go to your local home improvement shop to buy a new switch. It is a good idea to take…

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  • Choosing a Ceiling Fan

    Choosing a Ceiling Fan

    When choosing a ceiling fan, you may want to consider the number of blades, the motor, and the style. By following these guidelines, you can find the perfect ceiling fan for your home. Remember that these fans are not meant to be on all the time, so you want to be sure they only run…

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  • Choosing a Ceiling Fan For Your Greenhouse

    Choosing a Ceiling Fan For Your Greenhouse

    When choosing a ceiling fan for your greenhouse, choose a high quality one that is sturdy. Cheap ones are often made of inferior materials and have weak airflow. Invest in a heavier one made of stronger and more durable materials, such as galvanized steel. These fans have thick blades and are quite efficient. J&D fans…

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  • How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for a Hall

    How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for a Hall

    Choosing a ceiling fan for your hall can be a daunting task. While a beautiful finish and a sleek design are important factors, it is just as important to choose the right kind of fan for its purpose and the overall look of the room. Fortunately, there are many different brands and types of indoor…

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  • Ceiling Fan For Head Injuries

    Ceiling Fan For Head Injuries

    Ceiling fans are common objects, but they can be dangerous if they hit the head. A child’s head can be struck by a ceiling fan at a high speed and suffer penetrating trauma. Our case involved a young boy who suffered a depressed skull fracture and an extra-axial hematoma that required neurosurgical intervention. While previous…

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  • Installing a Ceiling Fan Over a Heater

    Installing a Ceiling Fan Over a Heater

    A ceiling fan is an excellent way to circulate the air in your room. Its spinning blades not only move air around, but they also create a wind-chill effect to facilitate evaporation. They also draw in air from the ceiling, walls, and outer edges of the room. The air then moves towards the ground, which…

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