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A Bamboo Ceiling Fan That Looks Like Wood But Is Made Of Bamboo




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You can choose from either the electric or DC version if you want a ceiling fan that looks similar to wood but is made from bamboo. The latter is ideal for large rooms, such a living room with high ceilings and open plan. The regular size has a diameter of 52 inches, while the large one has a diameter of 60 inches.

Obabala 52" Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control Outdoor Wood Ceiling Fans Noiseless Reversible DC Motor

Haiku fans

Haiku ceiling fans come in a variety different finishes. They will add class to any space. These fans can also be ordered in a variety colors to match any decor. You can choose from brushed silver, bronze, and many more colors to match your home’s decor.

Big Ass Fan has designed the Haiku fan. It is available in many colors. The fans come in three different sizes and are available with an optional full spectrum color temperature-shifting downlight or ambient RGB uplight. The light kit is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light’s temperature and color.

Haiku’s Wi-Fi chip, built into Haiku’s motherboard, allows you to control the temperature in your room. It can monitor the temperature of your room and adjust its speed accordingly. When the temperature is too hot, the fan will spin faster to cool down the room. You can set the fan to turn off automatically at night.

Another feature of Haiku ceiling fans is their high energy efficiency. They are up to four times as efficient as Energy Star and are individually balanced to ensure maximum air circulation. They are also quiet thanks to their glossy matrix and sustainable Moso bamboo blades.

EGLO Noosa bamboo DC ceiling fan

The Eglo Noosa bamboo ceiling fan is a modern ceiling fan with 3 ABS-molded blades. A 24W motor powers it to provide maximum airflow. The fan is rust-free and has a modern design that’s perfect for living areas.

This ceiling fan can be ordered in black or white with an LED lighting kit. It is available in large and regular sizes. Larger sizes are ideal for larger living rooms or open-plan living areas. It blends seamlessly into any room. The fan is very quiet.

The Eglo Noosa ceiling fan is powered by DC motors and has a limited warranty. It covers parts and labor for three years. It also features a timer that allows you to adjust the fan’s speed. You can choose whether you want the fan running in winter or summer mode. You can also choose between 52 or 60 inches blade span. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a matt white or black finish, and a teak or dark natural timber blade.

Its modern design makes it ideal for any room in your house. It is whisper quiet and has excellent air circulation. You can choose from models that measure 40, 46 or 52 inches and 60-inch models.

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