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  • How to Choose a Cathedral Ceiling Fan

    How to Choose a Cathedral Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan may be a good idea if you have a cathedral ceiling. A cathedral ceiling’s height can vary from eighteen degrees to eighty degrees. A box that is tall enough to support the ceiling’s height will be sufficient. It should be able to hold a 70-pound fan or a 200-pound fixture. The box […]

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  • Encon Ceiling Fan Review

    Encon Ceiling Fan Review

    In 1977, H.W. “Hub” Markwardt started Encon Industries. He started with a $20k credit letter and quickly grew the business to $35 million. His ceiling fan designs quickly became the standard in many homes and offices. The company now manufactures over 1,000,000 fans annually. Variable-Speed Dial Control The ceiling fan Encon features a variable-speed dial […]

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  • Installing a Bathroom Ceiling Fan

    Installing a Bathroom Ceiling Fan

    Before you start installing a bathroom ceiling fan there are some things you need to remember. You should first know how much room the fan will occupy and whether or not it will fit in the room. Also, you should know about noise levels and ventilation. These factors will help you choose the right fan […]

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  • How to Choose a Kitchen Ceiling Exhaust Fan

    How to Choose a Kitchen Ceiling Exhaust Fan

    If you’re looking to install a kitchen ceiling exhaust fan, there are many options available. You have the option of Maxx Air IF14UPS or Bionaire models. Each model is different and each one has its own design. Read reviews before making a purchase. Maxx Air IF14UPS Maxx Air IF14UPS is an industrial-grade exhaust fan that […]

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  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans

    Ceiling Exhaust Fans

    Ceiling exhaust fans are a great way to ventilate a room or area. They circulate fresh air in the room, while also removing any hazardous substances. They can be mounted from the ceiling or freestanding. These fans rotate in a circle to circulate air. Heavy-duty exhaust fans can remove harmful materials from the space. Ventilation […]

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  • Bedroom Ceiling Fans – Choosing the Right One

    Bedroom Ceiling Fans – Choosing the Right One

    If you want to choose a new ceiling fan for your bedroom, you will have many options to choose from. Some of these options include ornate blades, reversible blades, remote controls, and low, medium, and high speeds. This guide will help to make the best choice. Also, make sure to look at energy-efficient models. Ornate […]

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  • Choosing Great Room Ceiling Fans

    Choosing Great Room Ceiling Fans

    When choosing the best room ceiling fans for your home, you should keep a few key points in mind. You should look for a model with at least five reversible blades, a high-performance motor, and quiet operation. It should also be easy to install. Five Reversible Blades Ceiling fans with five blades make it easy […]

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  • Industrial Ceiling Fans For Warehouses

    Industrial Ceiling Fans For Warehouses

    Ceiling fans can be used to increase ventilation in warehouses. The heat can make workers sweaty and lose their focus. This can make workers lose concentration and make it difficult to stay focused. Industrial ceiling fans with HVLS technology can keep the warehouse cool by providing a continuous breeze. CFM Rating CFM rating is important […]

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  • Choosing a Chandelier Ceiling Fan

    Choosing a Chandelier Ceiling Fan

    If you are looking for a ceiling light that exudes elegance, style and class, a chandelier ceiling fan might be the right choice. These elegant ceiling fans can also be made by Douglas Fanning Design, Design M, Centre Lighting Fixture MFG, and Design M. You should look for features such as hand-held remote controls and […]

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