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Vaulted ceilings are an ideal place to hang ceiling fans. However, they require special installation methods and should be installed by a professional electrician. You should choose fans with wide paddles to effectively move air and cool the room. Also, the fan should be installed eight to ten feet from the floor.

Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Craftmade ceiling fans are designed for rooms with high vaulted ceilings, and the company’s line of models comes in many styles and finishes. Many models feature custom blades, exotic metal finishes, and interior lighting. There are also models with real crystal prisms and ornate wood designs. You can choose from traditional, contemporary, and modern styles, as well as extra large blade spans.

With a variety of styles and designs, Craftmade can meet your unique tastes and preferences. Their Pursuit ceiling fan, for example, features an energy-efficient DC motor with reversible speed, integrated LED lighting, and a wall control for convenient operation. It also has WIFI integration for control, and most models are compatible with smart home devices.


When looking for ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings, you can choose from a wide variety of options. Many fans have wood or metal blades and come in multiple finishes. Some are even available with energy-efficient LED light kits. Before installing a ceiling fan, you must disconnect the electricity in the room. Once the power is turned off, attach the new electrical box to the ceiling and feed the electrical wires through the center hole. Finally, connect the motor wires to the canopy and down rod.

Regardless of your preference, Minka-Aire ceiling fans have a wide selection to choose from. They are also known for their ease of installation. Each fan comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide. For more complex installations, they also offer video tutorials.


Several types of ceiling fans are available, but this 52-inch model is ideal for homes with vaulted ceilings. Its airflow is 4531 cubic feet per minute, and the downrod extends up to six inches. It also has multiple settings for different lighting conditions, including on/off and dimming.

Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon Modern Ceiling Fan, Remote Control, LED, 52 inches, Brushed Nickel

This fan is designed to be compatible with vaulted ceilings, so it’s a great choice if the ceiling is at least 8 feet high. However, be sure to choose a fan with a long downrod to maximize air circulation in the room. Also, remember that the fan should match the room’s overall decor. For example, a modern home may have a contemporary aesthetic, while an old world, rustic-styled one may look more comfortable and cozy.

Choosing the right ceiling fan is essential for homeowners with vaulted ceilings, as it’s not always easy to find one that fits properly. Generally, most ceiling fans are too small and do not provide enough airflow. But models available have specially designed blades to work on such a space. Moreover, some even come with smart features, such as lights and remote controls.

Craftmade Xerxes

If you have a vaulted ceiling in your home, you will appreciate the Craftmade Xerxes ceiling fan. The 62-inch blade span and three-speed remote control of this fan will help you keep a consistent airflow throughout your room. It also features a tri-mount option and 14-inch downrod for a stable and quiet installation.

Whether you have vaulted ceilings or not, there are several types of ceiling fans that will fit into your interior design. You can find ceiling fans that will complement a Spanish or Tuscan design. These fans also have a special downrod for higher ceilings and dimming controls. The best thing about these ceiling fans is that they can move air quietly and efficiently without causing noise.

When choosing a ceiling fan for a room with vaulted ceilings, it is important to consider the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Larger rooms often require larger ceiling fans with a wider blade span. However, you can choose a ceiling fan with fewer fan blades to maximize airflow in a large room. A longer downrod will also improve airflow.

Haiku 60-Inch Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a great way to cool a room without overheating. The Haiku 60-inch model comes with a downrod length of 48″ or 60″. This downrod is perfect for ceilings up to 14 feet, so it can be installed in a vaulted ceiling or a two-story space. The kit comes in four different colors to match the fan you want.

The Haiku ceiling fan has a sleek and contemporary design. It uses advanced technology, such as a permanent magnet motor, to reduce noise while increasing airflow. It also features a WiFi module and remote control that let you control it using your phone or voice commands.

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