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If you are looking for a ceiling light that exudes elegance, style and class, a chandelier ceiling fan might be the right choice. These elegant ceiling fans can also be made by Douglas Fanning Design, Design M, Centre Lighting Fixture MFG, and Design M. You should look for features such as hand-held remote controls and Tiffany-style lampshades.

LuxureFan 52" Crystal LED Chrome Ceiling Fan Light Fixture Gorgeous Crystal 5 Reverse Wood Blades Modern Chandelier with Remote Control Decoration Home/Living Room

Larger Rooms Call for Chandelier Ceiling Fans

To find the perfect chandelier ceiling fan for your home you will need to measure the space and determine the ceiling height. Typically, larger rooms call for larger ceiling fans. A room measuring seven feet x twenty-two foot has 154 square yards of ceiling space. This means that you will need a fan with a maximum blade spread of 48 inches. If you don’t know how to calculate the square footage of a room, you can use a square footage calculation guide. You need to consider the size of the fan blades too. For rooms less than 75 sq. ft, a fan blade span of 36 inches is recommended, while for rooms between 76-144 square feet, the fan blade span should range between 42 and 52 inches.

The right size ceiling fan can make all the difference in your home. Chandelier ceiling fans combine lighting with air flow. These fans are also reversible so that you can push warm air up and warm air down. This fan can reduce heating costs by up to 10%

Tiffany-Style Lampshades

Tiffany-style lampshades look great in any room, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or dining area. These shades are handcrafted and feature bright colors and geometric patterns. These shades are based on the American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany’s designs. This style of lighting also features a proven copper soldering process that holds the glass pieces together. To create a soft, muffled noise, Tiffany style lampshades may be tapped.

Tiffany-style shades can be incorporated into ceiling fans already in place. These shades can be purchased individually or in a set. They can also work well in a kit of light bulbs that are bowl-shaped. These shades will bring a little color to the ceiling fan.

19.7" Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote Control, smart Bladeless Ceiling Fan Light, Household Fan Chandelier With 3 Colors 3 Speeds Timing Low Profile Fan, for Bedroom Living Room Kitchen office

Remote Control by Hand

If you want to control the speed of your chandelier ceiling fan, you may want to invest in a hand-held remote control. There are many styles of remote controls available, including on/off switches as well as slide controls. A Legrand Adorne fan remote has a slide controller that gives you full control of its four speeds. A Minke Aire fan control is another popular option, which uses wireless operation. Hunter Fans wall controller is another type, which allows you control the fan speed via the wall.

A universal remote control is also an option. These are intended for use with DC Minka-Aire overhead fans. They may be a replacement or additional remote.

Reversible Blades

To make your ceiling fan more decorative and functional, you can add reversible blades to it. To adjust the airflow, the blades can be mounted on either side. This fan can be bought in a variety colors and styles. You can also purchase a remote controller to control fan speed.

This type of fan offers many benefits. It can create a dramatic effect within a living and dining room. It allows for a lot of air movement. There are two finishes available on the blades. You can also choose from three different fan speeds. You can also control the fan’s timing and put it into sleep mode. The beautiful wood finish is another advantage of this fan.

Optimum Blade Pitch

The “blade pitched” is the angle at where the blades are attached. The higher the blade pitch the fan will move. A 14-degree blade pitch will move about 80 percent more air than one that is 10 degrees. Fans with lower blade pitches are not available in most stores. They require more power and can wear out after a few years.

If you have large rooms, you will need a larger fan. A smaller fan won’t work well if it is in a large place. Additionally, a smaller fan won’t provide enough air to keep your home comfortable. This fan should not be installed above eight feet.

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