How to Bypass Pull Chain on Ceiling Fan

  • By: Kimberly
  • Date: October 5, 2022
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how to bypass pull chain on ceiling fan

If you have a ceiling fan that is not turning on, you may need to learn how to bypass the pull chain. This can be done by connecting two wires together. This can be done with a wall switch, or a three-way system. It is possible to bypass the pull chain and restore the fan’s functionality without replacing the fan.

Fixing a broken ceiling fan chain

A broken ceiling fan chain can be a frustrating issue, making it difficult to operate the fan. Fortunately, repairing a broken fan chain is a fairly simple procedure. However, if you are unfamiliar with electrical systems, it is best to consult an expert. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the fixture’s internal switch.

Turn off the ceiling fan’s power source. Locate the main power switch for your home. It is usually located in the basement, closet or outside. Then, open the circuit breaker for the room and turn off the power. This is crucial for safety. After that, you can begin to fix the fan.

If the broken chain is found inside the housing, you will need to remove the lower light cover. There are typically three small screws that hold the cover in place. The cover can be removed and the broken chain can be pulled from the switch assembly. Attach a snap link to the broken piece to repair it.

Cost to replace a ceiling fan chain that is broken

The cost of fixing a broken ceiling fan chain can range anywhere from $50 to $125. Ceiling fans have a pull chain that can easily get damaged or stuck. If this happens, you can either replace the entire system or add oil to keep it moving. You can also replace the switch.

Most repairs involve replacing the entire chain and lubricating. You may also need a new pull switch if the old one is faulty. A professional can fix broken ceiling fan chains for $75 to $150. Other common repairs include replacing the pull switches, lubrication and checking for loose wires.

It is easy to change the pull chain. First, remove the on/off switch. You will need to take the fan and switch off the ceiling. Some fans allow you to remove the switch, but most will require you to disassemble it.

Repairing a broken ceiling fan chain

Sometimes, a damaged ceiling fan chain can make it hard to turn on the fan. Although the repair is easy, there are many steps involved. If the chain is only damaged on one end, you can use needle nose pliers to remove it. If you are unable to remove the entire thing, you can always replace it with a new one.

Before you begin, turn off the fan’s power. To check for power, you can use a noncontact voltage tester. To help you reassemble your fan, you can also take photos of the wire connections. This step will help you identify where each wire is connected.

After you’ve disconnected the main power source to the ceiling fan, turn off the power. This switch is usually located in the basement or a closet, or even outside the house. Next, turn off any power to the room by opening the circuit breaker. This will ensure your safety. The repair process is not complicated and shouldn’t take too long.

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