How to Protect Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Hurricane Weather

  • By: Josh
  • Date: October 5, 2022
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how to protect outdoor ceiling fan in hurricane

There are many things you should know if you are thinking of buying an outdoor ceiling fan. First, make sure you choose the right type for your home. Luckily, there are many different types of outdoor ceiling fans to choose from. You can choose from a classic or contemporary design to suit your needs.

Ceiling fans that are wet rated last longer

Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are able to withstand all types of weather and are ideal for use outdoors. They are resistant to rust and are easy to clean with a hose. These fans can also be used inside the home in bathrooms. If you are thinking of buying one of these fans, make sure that you choose one that is UL wet-rated.

In addition to being more durable and resistant to moisture, wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are also available in a wider variety of styles. These fans can also be found in many popular finishes, making them an excellent addition to your outdoor space or covered deck. While wet-rated ceiling fans are not always the best option for your deck or patio, they should serve their purpose well.

In addition to being waterproof, wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans also have enclosed motors that are protected from moisture and other external factors. This protects the motor against rust and allows for longer performance. For homes in high humidity areas, a damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan can be a great choice.

The Minka-Aire Sundance outdoor ceiling fan is rated to withstand hurricanes. This 42-inch ceiling fan is all-weather dark oak and is wet-rated. It has three-speed pull chain and a high efficiency rating.

They can withstand squirt gun fire

If you are going to put an outdoor ceiling fan in a room that is prone to flooding or other extreme weather, you should choose one that is rated to withstand squirt guns. These fans are made to withstand even the worst conditions and are perfect for basements, bathrooms, and attached garages. These ceiling fans can also be used inside to save electricity. The outdoor-rated type is especially useful if your house gets flooded or you have children and pets. The blades are designed to withstand messes, so you can easily move them around the room while allowing them to cool your ceiling down.

They can also be used indoors

Protect your outdoor ceiling fan from water if you want it to continue working during a hurricane. Exposure to water can damage and dull the fan blades. Also, it can get damaged by the moisture in the air. It can become useless. You can prevent this by purchasing a fan that is UL Damp/Wet rated. If you can protect it from the elements, it will last for years.

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