What is a Fan Wall?

  • By: Josh
  • Date: October 5, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.
what is a fan wall

A fan wall eliminates overhead ductwork and venting under a raised floor, allowing for more space in your facility for equipment. It is best used in single- or two-story buildings. It has two parts: an exterior wall with cooling units and an interior wall with a five to six-foot plenum filled with cold air.


FANWALL Systems is a complete air handling system that includes a complete integrated system including motors, fans and cabinetry. These custom-engineered, high-performance systems are preferred by contractors and engineers for their quiet and vibration-free operation, energy efficiency, and low-cost maintenance.


Temtrol offers a complete line of air handling equipment coils. The coils are made to high standards and have a long service life. They are affordable and available with a fast ship program. If you are replacing an old coil, Temtrol offers a retrofit replacement program.


FANWALL technology offers a complete integrated fan array with airflow management. The engineered system features ultra-high efficiency PM motors and active noise control. It also features a compact and lightweight design for easy installation and maintenance. The system can accommodate up to seven fans in different sizes, from ten to twenty-two inches in diameter.

FANWALL systems are ideal for new construction applications. They include an integrated system of motors, fans, cabinetry, controls, and accessories. The FANWALL technology allows for flexibility in design and installation, reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

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