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What to Do With an Old Ceiling Fan Motor




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If you have an old ceiling fan motor lying around, there are a lot of options you can explore. It can be turned into a wind turbine or used to make new items. You can also donate it. You can also recycle the housing cap of the fan. Whatever you choose to do with the old fan, remember to have fun and be creative.

Recycle a ceiling fan motor

There are a few options when you want to recycle an old ceiling fan driver. You can paint the motor housing metallic or use it as a base to make a windchime. You can also make a sunburst mirror frame out of the blades. In fact, if you recycle your old fan, you’ll actually save money on energy!

You can also take it into your local recycling center. It will vary depending on your local requirements. For example, some recycling centers take the entire fan, while others only accept its blades and batteries. If you are unsure about the rules, you can call the recycling center ahead to verify how your fan can be safely disposed of.

Upcycle a ceiling fan housing cap

A ceiling fan housing cap can be repurposed to make a planter and/or coat rack. You can also paint the blades with chalkboard paint to make a coat rack or phone message board. The light glass shade can also be used as a pencil holder. The motor housing can also be used as a planter.

what to do with old ceiling fan motor

For a more modern look, you can also use the bottom portion of the motor housing as a windchime base. You can also recycle a ceiling fan housing cap by adding a planter or succulents. You can also paint the blades a metallic color or make a sunburst mirror frame from them. Hunter continues to innovate its ceiling fan line. Hunter now makes energy-efficient models with integrated LED lights modules.

Turn a ceiling fan motor in to a wind turbine

You can transform a large ceiling fan motor that isn’t in use into a wind turbine if you have steel banding around its base. This will keep the fan from swaying when the wind blows. You can also make your own wind turbine by converting a washing machine motor or even a portable water turbine.

There are many types of ceiling fan motors available, including induction and asynchronous models. While these motors are similar to wind turbines, there are some differences. Induction motors for ceiling fans are not permanent magnets. The coils are more powerful the more turns they have.

Donate a ceiling fan

If you have an old ceiling fan motor lying around, consider donating it to a charity. Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and other charities accept used ceiling fan motors. Just contact them to make sure they’ll accept them. Or you can arrange to have them pick it up from your home. You can also reuse the motor housing if you don’t wish to donate the fan. For example, you could paint the motor cover and use it as a planter.

First, you should remove any light bulbs from the ceiling fan. While most light bulbs can be disposed with regular trash, there are some exceptions. CFL bulbs, which contain mercury, must be properly recycled. You should also check with your local recycling center to see what their guidelines are for disposing of electronic waste.

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